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Original Live Action Games


The ultimate sensory adventure!

The Banzai Challenge is a new concept of entertainment that you will not find anywhere else on the planet!

Teams of 2 to 10 participants will have to overcome 5 missions in which your 5 senses and teamwork will be tested to the limit.

Strong emotions and lots of laughter absolutely guaranteed!!

Will you be able to overcome the challenges? What score will you accomplish?!

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Pressure to the limit to disarm a treacherous bomb

A real challenge of communication and attention to detail!

Teams of 2 to 7 players have to successfully disarm a bomb before time runs out!

Some stay with the bomb and others with the instructions. Who’s going to give in to the pressure first?

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We are creators of fun teamwork experiences

The best moments of life are those that are shared with other people. At Banzai we develop experiences that take fun team activities to new levels.



Our games are all created by us

Limit situations

Strong emotions can only be achieved if challenges have the right intensity and difficulty


Our experiences have cutting-edge technology developed internally by our R&D Team


We only design experiences where coordination, cooperation and team excellence are essential

No barriers

The experiments designed by us can be played by diversified audiences from 8 to 80 years


We use science, technology and psychology to ultimately provide fun and memorable experiences

Friends and families

Come discover new dimensions of team fun you didn’t even know existed

Bachelor/Hen Parties

The best choice for unique memories that no one will forget and with lots of fun in the mix!


We take the concept of Team Building to new boundaries. The most innovative dynamics are in Banzai

Birthday Parties

Our space has much more to offer than you think and we guarantee the best birthday parties in Oporto!


Banzai’s activities are unique and unique throughout the world. You’ll only find them in Oporto so don’t miss the opportunity

Other events

You need a different and unique space and activities to hold a memorable event. Banzai has personalized offers.

Where we are

We are located in the epicentre of downtown Porto, close to excellent restaurants, bars and historical attractions of the city.



Rua Dr. António Emílio Magalhães 24


Pharmacy Sá da Bandeira > distance 0 m (below)

Bolhão Market (in construction) > distance 50 m (is just down the street Sá da Bandeira)

Bolhão > Metro station distance 150 m

Underground car park Praça D. João IV > distance 30 m



Phone Nr.: + 351 933 901 417

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Is the Banzai Challenge an escape game?

Yes and no You’ll be in the same game rooms but, instead of wanting to escape, you want to make as many points as possible in each game room. The gameplay feeling is similar but in the Banzai Challenge the fun is more hardcore and without any filter.

What happens if you arrive late?

The games must start on time as scheduled to not harm the schedules of the following games/teams. If you arrive late you cannot participate and we cannot make returns.

What is the duration of the games?

The Banzai Challenge has an estimated duration of 90 to 100 minutes and the Banzai Bomb can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the chosen option. However, you should always count on 10 minutes of briefing and debriefing in each activity.

Do I need to bring special clothes?

You can come up with regular day-to-day clothes.

However in the Banzai Challenge you will have to play without shoes. Just socks or barefoot.

Can I book at no cost?

We only request payment on the day of the game for single games.

We appreciate that in case of cancellation notify us at least 72h in advance so that other groups can use your previously booked schedule.

Games from 8 to 80 years old

Our activities are suitable for the whole family and there is no need to take any course to play! Just want to have fun!

2 to 10 players per team

The games are adapted to different constitutions of teams and we can also have several groups playing simultaneously so do not be afraid to come with a group of dozens of participants.

More useful information

Port Exit Games is a partner of Banzai

The best escape rooms in Oporto

More than 2500 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google leave no doubt as to the quality of the Games

Central location

Just 5 min walk from Banzai allows large groups to divide between the 2 locations

Games for all tastes

The 3 escape games of Port Exit Games are quite different between them providing memorable moments of fun

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