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A new concept of fun

In Banzai Challenge you will laugh, you will scream, you will dive and do many things you have always wanted to do!
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Will you be able to overcome the missions?!

The Ultimate Sensory Adventure is composed by 5 sequential missions where you’ll be intensely tested at different levels! Test your eyesight, audition, tact, smell, taste but it doesn’t stick around… At all!!

Teams of 2 to 10 players have to overcome the different mental and/or physical challenges to achieve the maximum score!



Played sequentially


100 min game

2h total experience with briefings


2 to 10

A new group of 10 players every 30 minutes

The Missions

In 1 Banzai Challenge experience you play all 5 Missions

<h3>Purple Mission</h3>
A mission of all or nothing to begin the adventure in maximum RPM!

Will you be able to complete all sequential challenges in time?

You’ll be tested in: Coordination, Vision and Accuracy!

<h3>Green Mission</h3>
An invariably entertaining mission where creativity and sense of humor are fundamental!

You’ll be tested in: Non-verbal communication, Creativity and Balance

<h3>Blue Mission</h3>
Advancing forward without knowing what you will find and managing to verbalize what you will feel will be a challenge!

You’ll be tested in: Touch, Agility and Verbal language

<h3>Red Mission</h3>
Let’s go fulfill a childhood dream? It will be difficult to concentrate on the challenge because the fun and emotions will be in the red! :p

You’ll be tested in: Hearing, Vision and Coordination

<h3>White Mission</h3>
Free the Chef in you! Is your nose or tongue going to betray you?…

You’ll be tested in: Smell, Taste and Self-control


Prices are per player and vary depending on the size of the group.

Team of 2 players


Team of 3 players


Team of 4 players


Team of 5 players


Team of 6 players


Team of 7 players


Team of 8 players


Team of 9 players


Team of 10 players



The Ultimate sensory adventure!

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Vision, Touch, Hearing, Smell and Taste

We promise to test your 5 senses like never before in your whole life!

Creativity, sense of humor and energy!

You’ll be challenged mentally not only figuring out the tasks you need to do as well as executing them to perfection!

Motor coordination, agility and precision

Although not a physical challenge it has some tasks that to get more points can require a little more energy. Suitable for all ages 7 to 77 You play without shoes. Just barefeet or with socks. 🙂

Guaranteed security

It is an appropriate adventure for all types of participants from children, pregnant women and the elderly. We have special rules that are explained and applied at each game.

But after all...

It the Banzai Challenge an Escape Game?

Yes, and No. It is an innovative game that contains some aspects of escape rooms but with different objectives and privileging different and unique group experiences.

Locked in rooms only temporarily

Similarly to the escape rooms, the teams are locked in rooms. However, in the Banzai Challenge teams complete different missions in each new room they enter and can never go back.

Simply escape / VS / Complete the missions and earn points

Like in escape rooms, in the Banzai Challenge the excitement is greater if you complete all the challenges before time runs out but with the difference you have to do this multiple times in each of the 5 missions and with the aim of earning points.

More minutes of fun

An escape game lasts for 60 minutes while the Banzai Challenge can go up to 120 min of play depending on the team’s performance.

The Banzai Challenge is a game in which the scores are objective and each version is calibrated for each group size so the competition is real and fair!

Teams of 2 players

Teams of 3 players

Teams of 4 players

Teams of 5 players

Teams of 6 players

Teams of 7 players

Teams of 8 players

Teams of 9 players

Teams of 10 players

Will your team be able to do better?

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